LIFTit pitch

Do you have an awesome business idea? Are you developing an awesome mobile app, which will, potentially, reach millions of users? Or, maybe your project is done but you need boost and for people to hear about you?

We have solution for You! We proudly invite you to participate in LIFTit pitch startup competition!

What is LIFTit pitch?

LIFTit pitch is startup competition which will take place in Belgrade, Serbia on 5th of November @Top of the Hub cafe and lounge, as a part of LIFTit mobile entrepreneurship event.

LIFTit gives extraordinary experience to all participants. Beside competition and opportunity to win cool prizes you will be extend your contact’s network and meet potential future investors and business partners.

Another startup competition? For real? There are dozen of the same!

LIFTit pitch is not your regular startup competition. We will be using same method Steve Jobs used with Apple employees, widely know as elevator pitch.

LIFTit pitch participants and Jury will enter in elevator at ground floor of Ušće Business Centre. You will have time to pitch your idea to Jury only until elevator reaches top floor.

This journey to the top will last only one minute, and everything will be live streamed to the audience. Top three teams will go to final where they will have additional 5 minutes each to convince Jury they are the best LIFTit pitch.

Who can participate?

All those startups which are at the beginning of their journey to success, but still don’t have established significant revenue stream. Startups which already collected investments and generate respectable revenue are welcome to visit LIFTit conference and share their experience but for LIFTit pitch we aim to give opportunity to somebody else to LIFT themselves up.

Who will be the LIFTit Jury and what are prizes?

LIFTit staff is working hard in order to assemble perfect blend of experts for LIFTit Jury. We aim to gather multidisciplinary, experienced and compatible team of experts. If you see yourself fit for LIFTit Jury feel free to contact us at

We are looking to provide really cool prizes for the winners. Our main goal is to provide you with something which will help you to LIFT yourselves for real. You can expect tickets for conferences, travels, cool products and services etc…

Final list of LIFTit Jury and prizes will be kept as secret until one month before event.

What will be criteria for selecting the best LIFTit pitch?

Participants will be judged based on 9 elements:

  • Innovation
  • Investments
  • ROI
  • Reach
  • Timeframe
  • Product fitness and applicability
  • UX
  • Presentation
  • Team

How much is ticket for LIFTit pitch participants?

For you our friends, entrance is free of charge.

How participants can apply for LIFTit pitch?

Apply your team/product/company for LIFTit pitch here. Also make sure to register all of your team members here.


LIFTit pitch application