Welcome to the LIFTit conference

LIFTit is mobile industry conference taking place in Belgrade, Serbia on 5th of November. Our main focus are mobile technologies and entrepreneurship in mobile technologies. We aim to gather industry professionals, novices, people of science and, just a mobile enthusiast so we can all together learn from each other share experiences and good vibes.


Panels are formal, but entertaining, part of LIFTit. We want to give to our audience the latest, most relevant and experienced speakers. Just like in mobile technologies communication goes in two ways.

LIFTit pitch

LIFTit pitch competition is our main contribution to the local startup community. Our goal is to gather the sharpest, the bravest and most innovative startups in one place and give them opportunity to present their idea to team of experienced mobile industry leaders.

Each team will be put to test, the same way Apple’s employees used to be by Steve Jobs - elevator pitch. Team will be given opportunity to present idea to jury, but only until elevator reaches top floor. It’s not all about idea - it is about how you will pitch it.

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